I'm Linnea – Founder of ImproLead.

Added to that, I’m also a Master of Adult Education (KM), an Improv professional, a Communication Specialist and an advocate of continuous learning.

I boldly challenge traditional business thinking and believe that you can have fun and do serious business at work at the same time.

I have a burning desire to help businesses evolve; to realise their strengths, to make their people shine and stand out from the noise.

Empirical evidence has shown that bringing an improvisational approach to organisations can improve employee trust in each other, teamwork, communication, presentation skills and creative problem solving, while improving the overall culture of the company.

What ImproLead?

Improlead offers excellent coaching for companies, managers and their teams using improvisation-based methods. Our vision is to build a corporate culture and environment where everyone involved feels genuinely safe to innovate, influence each other and help turn failures into opportunities.

When successful, the results are seen in team flow, increased efficiency and innovation, a new kind of agility, but most of all in the engagement of employees with the company and their core teams.

ImproLead uses methods and principles familiar from psychological safety, experiential learning and improvisation. While improvisation is familiar to the general public from stage shows and entertainment programmes, improvisation is not acting, but a highly sophisticated activity based on interaction and teamwork that anyone can develop.


Improvisation does not only happen on stage in front of an audience, it also happens in business! With the right tools and strategies, you can become a more effective leader and speaker, inspire your team to work harder and more creatively, and increase your own creativity and confidence – while helping others to do the same. Improvisation training develops creative problem-solving skills, interpersonal skills, the courage to take action, innovation and the courage to change, which today’s organisations need more than ever to meet the ever-changing needs of the future. 

Improvisation unleashes the potential of its creators that is untapped in traditional organisations.

Google, Netflix, Über and others have recognised the potential of improvisation and are using it in their team training. Cass Business School in the UK and Duke University and Stanford University in the US, where improvisation is integrated into business studies, have also recognised its true potential.


For everyone. Improvisation is not as difficult as it sounds, and I bet you do many things every day that are improvisational in nature. Improvisation is particularly useful for teams doing specialist work (e.g. marketing, sales, product development, service design) where self-direction and initiative are needed.

The Improlead coaching sessions are particularly suitable:

  • For organisations that understand the potential of their staff and want to make the most of it
  • Groups that want to hone themselves into a diamond-like team.
  • Work communities that want to surf the crest of change
  • Leaders who want to bring their game to the next-level